5 Coolest Nail Art Trends

Africa Studio / Shutterstock
Nail art has become more mainstream than ever before, popping up everywhere from the street to the runways. Fashionable individuals want to be trendy from the top of the head to the tips of the nails, and getting the finger art right is essential for completing a look. So break out the nail glue and teeny tiny paint brush, because the coolest nail art trends are all about standing out.
5 Coolest Nail Art Trends


Caviar nails popped up on the scene a few years ago, and they show no signs of fading. Caviar nails are created by adding tiny balls to wet nail polish to create a nubby, dimensional style. Right now, white caviar is the rage, replacing the black-and-rainbow style of the past few years. This style works best for special occasions because it usually lasts only a day or two, but during that short time, your nails will be the most stylish nails in the room.

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